Summer Festivals

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Festival Fun

From Glastonbury to the Isle of Wight, from V Festival to T in the Park; Summer is music festival season, so get yourself kitted out with everything you need to stay and play in style for less. We’ve got a huge range of great value camping gear, from easy to erect tents to inflatable mattresses, sleeping bags to stoves, plus those all-important portable speakers for the after party at the campsite.

The Importance of Being Prepared

Come the big day, our choice of festival fashion will get you in the mood to hit the main stage, with a huge range of styles from hippy-chic kaftans to cut-off summer shorts. Plus there’s a massive selection of footwear too, from beautiful sandals to those essential festival wellies.

Having fun at a fest is all about being prepared and knowing you've brought along all the essentials. Bite cream – check. Phone charger booster – check. Face and hair paint – check. Eye-catching hat – check. Flowers for your hair – check. Now you can just chill and focus on the music.

Fun in the Sun

Pro-tip: Resist the urge to fill the rest of your bags with various food items. Make sure you also pack a proper survival kit in your luggage for those hot afternoons under the sun, with everything from high factor sunblock to hygienic hand wipes, broad-brimmed hats to super safe travel wallets with a built-in the safety chain.

Feel like you’re missing out on the summer fun? Don’t worry; it’s never too late to snap up tickets for the big festivals. Tickets often become available at the last minute as people’s plans change, so keep checking, and you could get lucky and find a last minute ticket for that sell-out show you missed the first time around.

Some More Tips and Advice

Bringing essential outdoor equipment for inside the tent, such as a towel and a sleeping bag (or a lightweight sleeping mat) is just as important as picking the right clothes for outside the tent. A pair of wellies is always a good idea. Think about the extra gadgets, like a camera or phone chargers, only after you've already packed all the survival essentials.

Staying Stylish

Festivals always hold the possibility of bumping into your soulmate and potential future partner. Make sure to bring your personal grooming accessories, as well as a pair of cool sunglasses. Depending on the season and the location, swimwear could be an essential addition to your backpack. Don't bring your nice shoes, or if you do, also bring a pair of boots in case of rain (i.e. mud). When in doubt, denim is always fashionable.